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Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Service, Innovation and Responsive.

The increased intensity of traffic, combined with the inherited radial pattern of roads, has made Allroad Group have substantial experience to deal with acute traffic congestion in and out around NSW. We’re passionate about our services to you, always striving for something better and genuinely caring for our clients. We aim to leverage our culture to develop traffic controllers who are customer focused and solution orientated. We’re proud to be a team of like-minded professionals with a unified passion for traffic management.


We are always on time and well prepared for any situations that may arise on site. Our Traffic management services always put safety first for our clients, fellow colleagues and the public. Through Allroad Group, there is no job that we can’t do.

Key capabilities

We provide lane closures to ensure the safety of our workers, clients and the public are all held to a high standard. Our team at Allroad Group can ensure work can be carried out on high speed roads through our safe traffic management setups.

Our team at Allroad Group, have the ability to carry out work while geographically moving around and ensuring that the safety of the public and clients are managed to a high standard.

Allroad Group can provide road closures for critical works such as water main breakages in the middle of the road or any other major works that require a road closure. Our team can ensure the road closure is set up to manage traffic and ensure that no vehicles have access to the road while there are workers on foot.

Allroad Group can provide PTCD (portable traffic control devices) that may be site- suitable for your work site. Portable boom gates can be hired through our equipment division and can be manually used by our traffic management services.

Allroad Group can take out a certain part of the road to continue works but also allow for no interference with the traffic flow through our team implementing contraflows on site. This traffic management strategy can only be implemented when the correct road measures are in place, through using a contraflow traffic in all directions can travel safely with no interference and clients can proceed with their works safely.

Lateral shifts is a traffic management technique that is used to manually shift traffic to create another lane while taking one out.  This is also another strategy that may be implemented when there are correct road measures in place.

Allroad Group can provide shoulder closures to a high standard to ensure the safety of our clients and the public. Shoulder closures allow for no interference with the traffic flow and allow all vehicles to travel safely.

Allroad Group provide vehicle ingress and egress management whether it may be heavy vehicles entering and leaving site or residents needing to gain entry into the property or road.

Allroad Group also provides Permanent sign installation for long term projects. Our team at All Road Group can correctly erect permanent signage to ensure the safety of road users is managed to a high standard when passing through worksites.

Allroad Group also specialises in provides traffic management for reactive work. Reactive work is emergency work that needs to be done and is prioritised as highly important. At Allroad Group we provide traffic management services  24/7 call outs.

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